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Checking in

Hola! Long time, no blog, etc., etc.

Just a quick check-in to report some knitting progress. About a week (or two weeks?) ago, I finished knitting the parts of the sweater for La Petite Princesse. That is, the front, back and both sleeves. I will not have enough of the yarn to knit the hood, but no matter. I’ve adapted this pattern in the past to exclude the hood, and the result was just fine.

I say “adapted” as if it were something elaborate. In truth, I just picked up stitches as the pattern called for (in the round, if memory serves me right), then knit a few rounds in stockinette and bound off. The neckline had a nice little roll (as stockinette fabric does), and the sweater looked adorable on the then-BC6. (Yes, my youngest boy child was 6 at the time. Let’s not discuss that he’s about to turn 19… or that his older brother is 25… or that my granddaughter is 5, m’kay? M’kay.)

I still have to sew the pieces together (you know, do the finishing) and knit the neckline area. Of course, there’s no rush, as my family lives in Florida, where today it’s 93 degrees, so the sweater won’t get worn till fall/winter even if I finish it tonight… which I won’t, never fear.

If I get off my lazy keister and take and download some pictures the fates allow, I will post a photo of my progress so far within the next few days.

And you know I’ll share with you all when I finish it, because I need copious amounts of positive reinforcement from you (all 3 of you) when I do achieve FO status.

Hope your mother’s day weekend has been a good one. I’ve worked all weekend, so we’re doing the mom’s day thing tomorrow. It’s unconventional, but that’s my life… and me!


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