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IOU (at least) two photos

At the end of skein 2 of the lovely yellow O-wool mentioned in my last post, the Palindrome scarf is now 39-40 inches long. Accuracy is difficult when you can’t lay a scarf out/down on the couch or floor, whether due to sleeping kitties (couch) or a staggering amount of cat fur (floor). And my plastic tape measure is a bit hilly, what with having been folded up in eighths in my knitting kit forever, so it doesn’t lay flat without a second measurer helping out and, um, it’s just me and the cats right now. So.

Anyway, I’ll get a photo of it after the elves come vacuum the carpet and occupy the kitties in another room soon, so you can see that I really have been knitting this past week. Faithfully, if not at great speed.

That’s right, I have not cast on anything else, despite having been asked to make a couple of toddler hats for a friend’s daughter, despite having every plan to whip out a pair of mitts for my FIL (to go with his Noro striped scarf) before Christmas, despite having a grand-baby Arianna heading into the world in less than 8 weeks. (Yikes!)

Of course, once the 3rd skein of the O-wool is knit up, the scarf will go on hiatus until the recipient (Hi, Susie!) gets that fourth skein she keeps saying she is going to pick up “any day now.” She’ll get no pressure from me, though, as I really do want to get some of the aforementioned un-cast-on items on–and off–the needles.

The second (and third, really) photos IOU are of some amazing yarn I “won” by being the 6000th commenter*** on the Life’s a Stitch blog. Li sent me some of the most beautiful yarns and I have been terribly remiss in not posting about them and in not thanking Li publicly until now. Merci mille fois, Li!

I haven’t posted a photo yet because I have yet to get a really good photo of the yarn. (Warning: a list of weak excuses/actual reasons follows.) The weather here has been shite (grey, cloudy, gloomy) in the three weeks since I received it. And I sleep during a good many of the ever-shortening daylight hours, when there’s natural light to capture those amazing colors. Oh, and last week, in addition to working 8-12 hours a night, I had two evenings of rehearsal and two live (paid!) performances as a member of a small group called Singers of the Reformation. (We sing madrigals and Christmas/Hanukkah songs and were hired by the city to perform at a madrigal dinner and at a city tree-lighting event.) And, last but most truthfully, I suck.

Mea culpa, Li. And thank you again, not just for the yarn, but also for your blog, of which I have long been a faithful reader.

*** No, faithful readers (all 6 of you), that was not a typo. Li reached the 6000th comment a month ago, after 5 years of blogging. Six thousand comments. I cannot even imagine.

I mean, I was thrilled a couple of weeks ago to hit 300 comments (only a dozen or so written by me, all in response to other comments, but WordPress counts those, too), and most of my posts get no comments at all. Which is cool, overall. I’m not blogging for the numbers (nor is Li), but I do check them. I’m blogging to be an active participant in the knit-blog community. And I don’t need a bunch of comments for that, I know.

Still, I love and treasure every comment I get, so feel free to drop one when the spirit moves you. (Please?)

And I’ll get those photos taken when Mother Nature remembers that Florida is supposed to be the Sunshine State and then I’ll post them. Promise. After all, IOU… and Li… nothing less.

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